Specialising in the protection, enhancement and
correction of a vehicle's interior and exterior

With over 25 years’ experience detailing vehicles, we offer a specialist valet service using the very latest techniques. Our car detailing service offers a range of specialist treatments for protecting your vehicle’s bodywork, wheels and interior. Our packages start from just £140.00 (inc.vat) for a small car, from £180.00 (inc.vat) for medium to large cars and from just £220.00 (inc.vat) for M.P.V or 4×4.


This is designed to comprehensively clean and protect all exterior surfaces of your vehicle. This detail can be a good initial protection treatment for your vehicle or a yearly detailing treatment for a previously detailed car.


This detail includes single stage machine polishing, resulting in the paintwork looking its best and is designed to bring the gloss and shine back to your paint. Using a single stage paint correction, the finest marks that cause dullness abd haze are removed along with around 40% of swirl marks.


The ultimate detail, includes 2-5 stage paint correction to get paintwork into perfect condition. This includes the removal of all possible swirl marks, light scratches, cobwebbing and holograms. This detail is suitable for new and used vehicles that suffer from paintwork defects and are looking for that ultimate finish.

Authorised stockists of Auto Glym products.
All our vehicle detailing services are carried out using Auto Glym products.

Cleaning wheels

Using a gentle wheel cleaner to remove any traces of brake dust before pressure rinsing.

Traffic Film Remover

Applied to lower body, all door / boot sills and inner arches before pressure rinsing for a new look.


Applied to the entire vehicle with clean water, removing any contaminents before washing all bodywork with shampoo conditioner.

Vehicle Bodywork

Clay is applied to the entire bodywork including the glass to remove any bonded contaminents from the vehicle.

Autogloss Rinse

Sprayed over all bodywork, ‘Autogloss Rinse’ leaves a glossy polish like finish that will repel water for up to a week.

Pressure Wash

Applied to the entire vehicle, hand dry with a clean leather or microfibre towel and dress tyres for that showroom finish.

Machine Polishing / Claybar

Paintwork is machine polished or clay barred (dependent on paintwork condition) to give a high gloss shine.

HD Wax

Carefully balanced, yet complex blend of polymers, carnauba and microcrystalline waxes for the ultimate finish.

Glass Cleaning

All exterior glass including the mirrors using either a spray cleaner or cream glass polish as required.

Interior valet

Seat shampooing and interior cleaning is available at extra cost. Please contact us for a quote.

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